Wednesday 1st, March 2017

L’Alba D’Oro Mural – What’s it all about?

In February 1975, L’Alba D’Oro first opened its door to the public. On Sunday 26th April 2015, we celebrated 40 years of award-winning fish & chips by offering a 40% discount instore, in support of The Edinburgh Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

We wanted to permanently commemorate this milestone, but we were unsure how. After lots of head-scratching and brain storming, we later commissioned local graphic designer Ben Usher-Smith to install a mural depicting our story.

We have received many compliments and lots of interest in the mural, and are continually asked about the details. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to list the section highlights in the illustration. We hope you love it as much as we do!

You can read our story in the About section of our website.

Section 1

Picinisco, Filippo’s birthplace in the mountainous region of Lazio, Italy. The Golden Dawn, based on the mountains surrounding Picinisco and forming the basis or our logo. Local agriculture and flora; olive groves, vineyards, porcini mushrooms, rosemary and sage (a wee nod to our famous Special alla Romana; fresh haddock in a sage and onion breadcrumb). Filippo grew up in a farming family, and is depicted here as a young boy with his flock of sheep.


Section 2

L’Alba D’Oro started in 5 Henderson Row. In 1978, Filippo and Celeste bought unit 7 next door and doubled the size of the premises. This is when business really took off and L’Alba D’Oro started becoming widely renowned in Edinburgh. Caroline Wright is seen working behind the counter. She has been part of our team and family since 1980. She saw Gino born and is still a main part of our team, working in both L’Alba D’Oro and Anima.  Also featured is Ian McMorran, our second longest-serving employee, who has been with us since 1987 and takes care of our supplier orders and stock control.


Section 3

A customer reading newspaper articles from our illustrious past. In February 2002, L’Alba D’Oro became the first takeaway in the world to receive a four-star award from a national tourism body; The Scottish Tourist Board. Recently, it was named the No.1 Fish and Chip Shop in the UK by The Times. Crawling out from behind the newspaper is our famous crocodile Crocco, which has been part of the interior and delighting our customers since 1978. There are four starfish scattered between sections 3 and 5, reflecting the four-star award and our four decades of business.


Section 4

Our logo inset in the Italian national football badge. Representing the four times Italy have won the World Cup (had to be mentioned!), the four stars awarded to L’Alba D’Oro in 2002, and our four decades of business. Swimming behind the badge are haddock and other fish we sell as weekly specials such as hake, sea bass and squid.



Section 5

Our family is illustrated here based on the photograph we took on our 40th anniversary. Filippo is seated with his daugther-in-law Emanuela to the left, Celeste and son Gino. Anima opened in 2004. You can read more about Anima’s story here. Customers eating pizza amidst the other two of the four starfish dotted around the mural, sprawled along the sand (or pizza flour…). Porcini and chanterelle mushrooms in the Perthshire forests. Filippo’s famous passion for wild mushroom foraging feature proudly on our walls, and its fruits available on Anima’s menu.


Section 6

A boat crossing the sea; a depiction of Filippo arriving in Scotland in 1972, but also a fisherman’s trawler that brings our haddock in from the North Sea. Potato farmland around North Berwick, rolling into Edinburgh and her iconic Castle.




Please take a pic of yourself with the Mural when you are in and post it on our Facebook page!