Daily Record – Saturday 17th March 2001

The succulent salmon fillet tasted so fresh, I’m convinced it was doing the backstroke in Scotland’s crystal clear waters just before dancing delicately on my tongue.

Meanwhile, the sensational garlic and herb breadcrumbs – a home-made speciality – provided the perfect crispy coating, making each crunchy mouthful an absolute joy.

And the chips? Well, they were simply sheer perfection. Hand-cooked from proper potatoes, they were chunky and dry with a wonderfully tasty, dark outer skin.

Sounds wonderful, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Sadly, though, none of the above was enjoyed at this week’s featured restaurant.

Nope, the fish and chips came from L’Alba D’Oro, one of the top three chippies in Scotland and easily the best in Edinburgh.

Last Wednesday night – after one of the most honking meals I can ever remember – it proved to be an absolute lifesaver.

Thankfully, L’Alba D’Oro is still top of the charts in Edinburgh, so at least I didn’t head home starving. Like that was going to happen…

– Tam Cowan