The List


Run by Edinburgh fried food veteran Filippo Crolla for more than 30 years, L’Alba D’Oro has long been regarded as the New town chippie of choice. From the moment you walk through the door and see bottles of champagne on sale, and an impressive four stars awarded from the tourist board, it becomes apparent that this establishment is a cut above. The fish supper is close to perfection, the batter being just the right consistency and crispiness, and the chips are good without being too greasy. However, while the mainstay of all great chippies is excellently accounted for, the other options should not be overlooked. A nice alternative is provided in the form of juicy garlic and ginger prawns, and the vegetarian haggis is perfect for colder days. The 300-strong wine list just underlines the fact that you are dealing with a slightly superior takeaway.

Scotland the Best

Peter Irvine, HarperCollins, 2007

The Best Takeaway Places – L’Alba D’Oro: Excellent pizza, pasta, wine as well as fish ‘n’ chips. A very superior chippy and pizza joint.

The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips – L’Alba D’Oro: Near corner with Dundas Street. Large selection of deep-fried goodies, including many vegetarian savouries. It’s a lot more than your usual fry-up – as several accolades on the wall attest, and the pizza/pasta counter next door is a real winner.