The List


At first glance L’Alba D’Oro can’t seem to decide if it’s a chippy or an off-license. On closer inspection it proves to be both and more. Owner Filippo Crolla cites fresh ingredients of consistent quality as the key to a good fish supper; he’s used the same supplier since opening in 1975. The results speak for themselves; firm, fleshy haddock in a light, golden batter, served with chips crispy on the outside, soft and creamy within. If you fancy something more exotic, shark, squid, monkfish and swordfish are among the daily specials sometimes available, though crocodile isn’t on the menu these days. Filippo’s other passion is exhibited in an ever-improving selection of wine, with prices from a few pounds to well over a hundred. Next door, son Gino runs the pizza and sandwich side of the business, offering his own creditable selection of Italian wine, along with a fine cup of Italian coffee.


Scotland the Best 2002/2003 – Collins Publication

THE BEST PIZZA – L’Alba D’Oro pizzeria. The takeaway pizza section of the estimable fish ‘n’ chip shop, but this is def a slice above the rest. 3 sizes (inc indiv 7”) and infinite toppings to go. Also pasta, wine. No ordinary chip shop!
– Peter Irvine